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Thread: Iker

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    What do you think of Iker? It's Basque, pronounced EE-kehr.
    I think it's handsome. Maybe because of Iker Casillas. Okay, definitely because of him. And he has made the name much more well-known. Do you think it could suit a non-Basque boy? (I'm European, just not Basque.)

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    It immediately makes me think of Ichor (the blood of the gods in mythology) and obviously it sounds like "icky" which isn't a great thing. Maybe as a middle. What about Ike?
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    I love it. I first searched it when I heard of Iker Casillas. It's made it on and off my top list several times.

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    I think Casillas has made it well know enough that it wouldn't sound strange or unknown to the majority of Europeans.

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    Iker Casillas... yeah, I see why someone would find a name nice because of him. I dislike spanish football, but he's quite handsome. I've had some names on my list from time to time because of gorgeous italian footballers.

    I think Iker is nice, in spanish. Which country are you from? I think it would sound fine in german, czech, dutch, swedish, not so good in danish and english. Just my thoughts.
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