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    Smile Help! Need Boy First and Middle Names for Last Name Harris


    My baby is due in two weeks and we are having an awful time coming up with a name. We are looking for something that isn't plain (no Thomas, Daniel, James, Jon, etc), but that is still familiar (i.e. no strange spelling, strange sounding names). Also, we are looking for a strong name that would look good on a business card. Our last name is Harris and we like the middle name Bennett, which is also a family name. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    With a name as lovely but understated as Harris, you have many options. Bennett is a beautiful middle.

    As Bennett & Harris are both 2-syllable names, I think you should select a 3-syllable first name for optimal meter. Something with a few vowel sounds to smooth out all those consonants would be ideal.

    Anthony Bennett Harris
    Cameron Bennett Harris
    Damian Bennett Harris
    Donovan Bennett Harris
    Emory Bennett Harris
    Fabian Bennett Harris
    Gabriel Bennett Harris
    Gregory Bennett Harris
    Jeremy Bennett Harris
    Julian Bennett Harris
    Lionel Bennett Harris
    Montague Bennett Harris
    Montgomery Bennett Harris
    Nathaniel Bennett Harris
    Raphael Bennett Harris
    Reginald Bennett Harris
    Roderick Bennett Harris
    Rutherford Bennett Harris
    Sebastian Bennett Harris
    Sullivan Bennett Harris
    Theodore Bennett Harris
    Timothy Bennett Harris
    Xavier Bennett Harris
    Zachary Bennett Harris
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    Your taste in names sounds pretty similar to mine. Something slightly unusual, still useable, with a somewhat familiar sound, but definitely not boring. That's how I describe it. Maybe I could suggest a few names from my own list?

    Cain: I love this biblical name. The negative acts associated with it don't bother me in the slightest, although I suppose that's because I'm not strictly religious. It does have a familiar sound to me, but is certainly not something you hear very often, if ever.

    Casper: There's a "friendly ghost" association. So what? I used to hate this name, and now I absolutely love it. The sound and everything about it. Besides, I assume that my children's generation won't even know who Casper the Friendly Ghost is. And this name has a few different, but legitimate, spellings such as Caspar and Kaspar. I can't really explain why it's amazing. It's a name you either love or hate upon first hearing it. I also suppose it helps me that I met a teenage "Caspar" while on vacation this past year.

    Vincent: Classic, without being overused and boring. "Vince" is a nice nn, too.

    Lawrence: This name has a preppy feel to it, imo. I like that it's familiar, but not common. I've only ever known one Lawrence and no one ever called him by his first name, which I thought was a shame.

    So there's a few. Hope it helps! (: Good luck.
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