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    First name for mn Richard?

    My OH would like to give another son his brothers name (Richard) as middlename, but I can't really find anything that fits with it?

    All I've got is:
    Jasper Richard
    Jacob Richard

    All the other names on my list seem silly along with Richard. =/

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    I don't know your style, but here are some options that come to mind

    Samuel Richard
    Isaac Richard
    Benjamin Richard
    Nathaniel Richard
    Anthony Richard
    Landon Richard
    Jonas Richard
    Leo Richard
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    My style in boys names is fairly classic, a few rare ones in there - but mainly classic or vintage names.

    We've talked about Isaac actually - it's my OH favourite, but there's just something about it that bothers me. I don't know what.

    I really like Benjamin, but OH doesn't.. =/

    He has talked about a japanese name: Senri. But does Senri Richard sound OK? (pronounced like Henry with an S). Technically it IS his turn to choose this time =/

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    lol, well, my surname is Richards, and I think a lot of names sound pretty great with it! Or at least, I don't find it that hard to work with. Some of my favorites:

    Jack Richard
    Caleb Richard
    Henry Richard
    Avery Richard
    Calvin Richard
    Oscar/Oliver Richard (the "R"s kind of flow into each other, but it doesn't really bother me)
    Isaac Richard
    Brody Richard
    Grayson Richard
    Everett Richard
    Bailey Richard (although Bailey might be too unisex for you)
    Gavin Richard
    Patrick Richard
    Leo Richard/Leopold Richard "Leo"
    Noah Richard

    Good luck!
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