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    Honoring my grandfather's family - thoughts?

    I've been trying for a while now to come up with a name that honors my grandfather's family. His surname/my mom's maiden name is off the table because it's the surname of a man completely irrelevant to my family. These are the options I'm considering:

    McCarty - The surname of his bio father. This isn't the exact name, but it's very, very similar. I really like it, but the drawback is that the McCartys weren't exactly shining stars of goodness. The family history gets pretty rough. But I'd love to bring the name back into the family, and maybe my son could reinvent the name for himself? I love the idea of calling him Mac too.

    Cauley - His grandmother's maiden name. It's a bit further back then I would like, but the Cauleys were a great family and I know a lot about them. I like that I could use it in the middle spot for a girl too.

    Macaulay/Macauley - What if I combined McCarty and Cauley? In all likelihood, Cauley was originally McAuley anyway. But is it too tied to Culkin?

    It's important to me that I find a name that works. I've got names on my list from all sides of the family except for this one. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!
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    You definitely want to honor the whole family this way, not just one individual? So given names are out of the running?

    McCarty wasn't who your grandfather was-- he was adopted by his stepfather, if I'm reading you right. If the name has a chequered past it doesn't sound like you want to honor them anyway.

    If you like the Cauleys, I would use Cauley, full stop. Perhaps they were McAuleys back in the day, but the people you know of and wish to obtain continuity with were Cauleys.

    It doesn't sound too wonderful as a first name, but has a great rhythm and pairs beautifully with most classic boys' names.
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    I like the idea of combining the two names into Macauley. If it's meaningful to you, I wouldn't worry about any famous references. Most kids won't know who Culkin is anyway.
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    Cauley as a middle seems very usable to me. I wouldn't combine them.
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