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    Number: 20 (oh god.. 20 kids. XD)
    Letter: A

    1. b. Adrian Callum
    2. g. Araminta Giselle
    3,4. b.b. Abel Leon & Alton Elias
    5. g. Amity Monroe
    6. g. Apphia Madigan
    7,8 g.b. Ashland Theodora & Anders Breccan
    9. b. Addison Slade
    10. b. Allistair Owen
    11. g. Autumn Celestia
    12. g. Aurora Blaire
    13,14 b. b. Adeon Zephyr & August Jacoby
    15. g. Alliander (Allie) Snow
    16. g. Alys Tatum
    17, 18 b. g. Anselm Owen & Amaryllis Lucia
    18. b. Anton Harris
    19. g. Arabel Nolia
    20. b. Alura Genevieve

    Adrian, Araminta, Abel, Amity, Apphia, Ashland, Anders, Addison, Allistair, Autumn, Aurora, Adeon, August, Alliander, Alys, Anslem, Amaryllis, Anton, Arabel, and Alura

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    Number: 12
    Letter: W for FNs, N for MNs (I did both for the extra challenge)

    DD: Winter Naomi
    DD: Wednesday Nala
    DS: Watson Noble
    DD/DD: Wren Nixie and Whimsy Nanette
    DD: Willow Nastasia
    DS/DS/DS: Waylon Nicholas, Wolf Nathaniel, and Wyclef Norman
    DD: Whitley Nouvel
    DS: Wilder Niall
    DD: Winsome Noelani
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Lachlan, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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    Number: 14
    Letter: L

    G: Liadan Alethea Briony
    G/G/G: Linnea Bellamy Carys/Lilac Ceridwen Dagny/Lotus Delia Elodie
    B: Leander Eltanin Feldspar
    G: Lyra Flannery Galadriel
    B: Llorien Gawain Heath
    B: Levon Hemsley Ivo
    B: Leofric Islwyn Jericho
    B/G: Lachlan Jophiel Kennick/Lake Kerensa Lavender
    B: Lennox Larkspur Marius
    B: Leith Malachy Nevin
    G: Leannan Nephele Ondine

    Liadan, Linnea, Lilac, Lotus, Leander, Lyra, Llorien, Levon, Leofric, Lachlan, Lake, Lennox, Leith, Leannan

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    New Zealand

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