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    ten kids and counting

    go HERE to see how many kids you'll have.

    go HERE to see what letter all their names start with.

    roll THIS dice for their genders (even=girl; odd=boy).

    you choose if they're single births or multiples.


    #: 18
    letter: M

    i decided to follow the Duggars' pattern for twins

    1. (b) Mason Judah
    2. (b) Max Taylor & 3. (g) Myka Jane
    4. (g) Marilyn Shay
    5. (g) Mariana Lynn
    6. (g) Molly Christina
    7. (b) Malcolm Adrian
    8. (b) Michael Chase
    9. (g) Mercedes Fate
    10. (b) Miles Anthony & 11. (b) Mitchell Carson
    12. (b) Martin Henry
    13. (g) Morgan Victoria
    14. (b) Matthew Terrance
    15. (g) Macy Alice
    16. (b) Maddox Benjamin
    17. (b) Merritt Alexander
    18. (b) Malachi James
    long-time name nerd

    ~• my name list •~

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