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Thread: CAF

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    DH: DD
    DW: EN

    DD/DD: AN / TL
    DS: RD
    DS/DD/DS: BR/ SH / WC
    DD: IM
    puppy: KP
    cat: VY

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    Re: CAF

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    Re: CAF

    DH: DD - Daniel Duke
    DW: EN - Eva Natalia

    DD/DD: AN / TL - Audrey Nataliya and Matilda nn Tilda Lune
    DS: RD - Rufus Daniel
    DS/DD/DS: BR/ SH / WC - Benedict Robert, Susanna Hope, William Charleston
    DD: IM - Iris Margaret
    puppy: KP - Kippy Pup
    cat: VY - Valentino Yaya

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    Re: CAF

    DH: Dominic David
    DW: Elizabeth Nava

    DD/DD: Annabell Niamh/ Tallulah Lily
    DS: Roman Dominic
    DS/DD/DS: BR/ SH / WC Beau Ryan/Sabrina Honey/Walter Charles
    DD: IM Iris Madeleine
    puppy: KP Koolio Peep
    cat: VY Vince Yono

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    Re: CAF

    DH: Daniel David (Dan)
    DW: Elizabeth Nicole (Liz)

    DD/DD: Anna Noelle (Annie) & Tessa Lynn
    DS: Rhys Daniel
    DS/DD/DS: Brandon Robert, Sophia Hope, Wesley Charles (Wes)
    DD: Isabella Marie

    yes, some may say that I'm plain and boring, but I prefer simple and classic

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