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    I don't dislike the name Liviana, but I kind of trip over it when I say it. Maybe it's because I've been saying Lavinia over and over for the past couple of days.

    But Lavinia is similar sounding and can also pull Liv as a nickname.
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    I say go for it! I love the name Livia and plan on using it as a middle name for a girl when I have one. That being said, I did consider Liviana for awhile, because I love names that end in -iana! I love frilly, feminine, and--yes--"over-the-top" girl names. Hey, they're so beautiful, if you're not gonna be brave enough to use them, I will! (I actually kind of thought I made up Liviana at first, but I have seen it around here and there.) I think it's beautiful and unique. If you like it, you should use it.

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    I like frilly names, so I have to say I like this one. I just feel like she will constantly be telling people, "no, not Liliana, Liviana--"

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    I do not like this name. Almost looks made up, as if Livi & Ana were just stuck together. I much prefer Libby or Liv.

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    I love Liviana!! I can't remember how I came across it, but I discovered it last year and thought it was a great name. However, it does slightly strike me as a trendy made-up looking name. But I think it's very pretty.
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