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    Trendy & Masculine; Marlow, Henley, Quinn, Delaney, Channing, Monroe, Remi, Rowan, Finley, Camden, Ezra, Ainsley & Emerson
    People may argue that Ezra, Ainsley and some of the above aren't trendy because they aren't popular but they still fall into the horrible trend of boy's names on girls. Rowan and Delaney are the only 2 I can see on a girl.

    Strong, vintage; Moira, Maeve, Sloana, Leta, Neve

    Feminine classics / vintage; Josephine, Emmeline, Lucy, Phoebe, Isla, Fiona, Kate, Willamina, Leonie, Louisa

    Try hard; Livia, Alba, Harlow, Marlow, Henley, Laren

    Dated; Gemma, Claire
    Florentina & ______
    Under Construction
    Persephone Theodora Ottilie Giovanna Winifred

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