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    Thoughts on the name Amoret?

    Saw the name Amoret the other day on Nameberry. Had never heard of it. I love it though. Would it sound classic or like a Yooneek name?

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    I, personally, love Amoret. I think it's beautiful and distinctive and warm. Many people have not heard it, that said, it doesn't sound yoonique or made up, it simply sounds unheard of. I may be biased though.
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    I looooove the name Amoret. It doesn't sound at all 'yooneek' to me because I know where it comes from: Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene. I'm not sure if Spenser made it up, but that's certainly a legitimate literary origin. To me it sounds classic.
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    It's from The Faerie Queen. It means "little love", as in someone little. Amoret was the sister of Belphoebe, and she represents married love. Engaged to Scudamour, kidnapped by Busirane and saved by the female knight Britomart. The Faerie Queen is a poem full of good names!
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    I think it's an exquisite name.

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