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    what would you say to these twin names

    Under reconstruction

    Under reconstruction

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    I hope I don't give offense, but I think they are all really cheesy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tristan View Post
    I hope I don't give offense, but I think they are all really cheesy.
    I don't want to offend you either but, I also think each set is cheesy. I think Elizabeth an d Isabelle are way to close to be sibling names.
    Theodore Arthur

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    I think the first two are overly themed. You could do something like Callipso Skye and Guinevere Rain and get the nicknames callie an ginny or Janna Faith nn Jani and Theodora Grace nn Teddy or just Toby-Grace. The last set is ok, but I would recommend differant nicknames, How about Eliza and Belle? My advice to you would be to remember that twins are individuals. They already have to share so much, at least give them a name to themselves.
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    I like them. But keep in mind I like themes and I'm guessing matchy is what you were going for.

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