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    My Top 3 combos from your list:

    Orpheus Theron
    Gawain Isidore
    Herne Alaric
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    Endymion Strider Westernesse: Ok, I'm just going for it and calling this like it is, my favorite choice at the moment. Westernesse really does it for me in any combo but especially this one... it is just the best kind of "snowcapped mountains above a vast pristine meadow" evocative. And Strider paired with Endymion is so swoon-worthy. A fresh-faced young boy out on a crystal clear day exploring and experiancing everything that nature has to offer. I already adore the person who can inhabit this name.

    Endymion Hylas Lorien: Then again, you really can't go wrong with this one either, it's a different kind of beautiful. More soft and lyrical to me, it's more like the quiet anticipation being at the top of a ski slope rather than the kinetic rush of the ride down. The imagery to me is like a young man out staring up at the stars... More interested in observing nature's beauty from a distance than inserting himself into the middle and missing the opportunity to take it all in. Having Lorien at the end makes it ring like a silver bell.

    Faramir Artegal Snowdon- This one is my Faramir combo favorite, hands down. It is amazing! Snowdon is a really great touch that still leads me to have that 'winter turning into spring' feeling. It gives off a regal yet modest vibe and makes me hear the call of trumpets.

    Gawain Marinell Strider: I'm really favoring the Strider combos, but I also like Marinell in the middle as opposed to on the end. It sounds nice as a second mn, but I think it has more pizzaz as a first. (I do like Hector normally, but it seems a bit harsh in this combo).

    Herne Aldaron Lorengel: Herne is quite clever isn't he? I really like the idea of Rainier, but I can't deny my absolute love for this name as is. It's gorgeous and just singing with every syllable. I think it may also be the most direct 'blue-green forest' image in my mind.

    Orpheus Earendil Wythe: My second choice would be Vale... I really prefer the one syllable names at the end of this, especially with a short last name. It manages to feel complete and seems to have more of a finality to it that I'm finding myself very drawn to. I like it.

    *I'm really glad you gave us a glimpse of the combos you are considering. Apparently this was my musically-inspired take on the list, haha, hopefully it makes sense to you... and hopefully it helps you narrow things down. =]

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    amydomsmom: Taking a deep breath here, I read your reply this morning, and I was overwhelmed by your beautiful words! I want six sons right now. I see some pretty awesomely named pets in my future...
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    These are our last standing:

    Endymion Strider Westernesse or Endymion Hylas Lorien
    Faramir Artegal Snowdon
    Gawain Marinell Strider or Gawain Lorien Marinell
    Herne Rainier Westernesse or Herne Aldaron Lorengel or Herne Rainier Lorengel or Herne Rainier Aldaron
    Orpheus Lorien Wythe or Orpheus Earedil Wythe or Orpheus Lorien Cambell or Orpehus Earndil Cambell

    Orpheus is still messy, why can't I get anything to work properly?
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    Ottilie-- sorry to be late to the party.

    Are you sure you want two Tolkien names in the same combination? I might suggest Endymion Rainier Westernesse-- it works as well phonetically, honors your grandfather, and is quite magnificent. Would be my absolute favorite.

    In second place would undoubtedly be Herne Rainier Westernesse. I absolutely love it, especially paired with "Ells." It's wild, rugged and perfect.

    Gawain Lorien Marinell has my vote-- excellent phonetics and flow; it's a bit softer than the others (especially with the Arthurian and Tolkien references adjacent to each other).

    Orpheus Earendil Wythe is excellent. Orpheus & Lorien repeat too many sounds, as do Earendil & Campbell. But Orpheus Earendil Wythe is at once British, mythological, classical, sensible and otherworldly.

    In order:

    Endymion Rainier Westernesse
    Herne Rainier Westernesse
    Orpheus Earendil Wythe
    Gawain Lorien Marinell (would also like Gawain Snowdon Marinell)
    Faramir Artegal Snowdon
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