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  • Greta Sommer

    26 23.42%
  • Hazel Sommer

    45 40.54%
  • Lucy Sommer

    35 31.53%
  • Penelope Sommer

    24 21.62%
  • Pearl Sommer

    18 16.22%
  • Rose Sommer

    17 15.32%
  • Ruby Sommer

    30 27.03%
  • Olive Sommer

    18 16.22%
  • Daphne Sommer

    29 26.13%
  • Penny Sommer

    4 3.60%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Two Little Girls It Is! Please Pick!

    Just got back from the Doc's and two little girls it is! We are excited, please help us select a name or give suggestions that you think sound good with Sommer.

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    I voted for Hazel and Rose, because they were both on my list for a girl. Turns out we're having a boy.

    Congrats and good luck!

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    I voted for Pearl, Ruby, Hazel and Daphne. I think Ruby sounds the best with Sommer, personally, and I think any of those would pair well with any of the others. Hazel might not have the best flow with the last name but I love it so much I voted for it anyways. I like Olive but Olive Sommer sounds like "all of summer" to me, which isn't negative or anything but would bother me.

    Oops. I just now read the "pick 2" part, so it would have been Ruby and Pearl.
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    I love the idea of Olive and Daphne as twins! My second choice would be Greta and Hazel.
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    Personally, I wouldn't pair a word name with a last name that sounds similar to "summer", but I'm crushing on Hazel right now, so I'd choose Hazel and Lucy.
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