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    What about Oli?
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    My son's name is Solomon and we call him Solo for short. He's only two right now so it suits him well. I can see that we may lean towards Sol as he gets older maybe?

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    I like Solo as a nickname for Solomon! I also thought of Lon, but I think that's a bit of a stretch.

    I don't think that Solomon is too lofty sounding. It seems much easier to wear to me than Adonis or Romeo.

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    Sonny or Sully come to mind. I think Solomon is great, I also really like the nn Sol (& it's meaning - sun). I think it's cute on a kid & suits a grown man. I actually prefer this name to Sebastian as I like nn Sol way better than Seb but that's just me

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    One of my favorite boy's names is Edward Solomon. I love Han Solo and thought I was being sneaky with the Solo thing, but apparently not. I also love that "sol" means "sun" in Spanish. Solo or Sunny?
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