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    Jackson or Barrett? Time is getting short!

    We are torn between Jackson and Barrett. We're wanting something strong and masculine so we can't go wrong either way.

    Jackson (he would go by Jack) seems to be getting very popular so I wonder how many of his classmates will share this. This is a classic but man is it everywhere.

    Barrett seems like a good name for a little boy nn Bear, rugged and a little unique yet sounds professional enough to grow into. Am I wrong? Is Barrett too out there? I'm really liking it but Im getting some strange looks when talking about it with family.

    Help me out here, I've looked at so many name list I'm suffering from baby name overload. Thanks for any advice.

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    I see Barrett as more unisex, as the only one I know is a woman. It might not seem the same to people with other experiences, but for me, I can't see it as being strictly masculine.

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    I love Jackson but not Jack, because it's too common and literally everywhere right now in the UK.

    I think because Jack is too popular, my vote goes too Barrett.
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    Barrett, because Jackson/Jack is too trendy for me; Barrett sounds totally unique and cool

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    I would choose Barrett. I do like Jackson, but I know too many Jacksons already.
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