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    Lily Allen's second daughter

    Marnie Rose Cooper was born on Tuesday to the British singer and her husband Sam Cooper. They have an older daughter, Ethel Mary, born in 2011.

    A bit of research shows Rose is one of Lily's own middle names - she was born Lily Rose Beatrice Allen - and older daughter Ethel's middle name, Mary, was the first name of Lily's maternal grandmother. Not sure whether either of the first names are family names though, as there's not a lot of info on Sam online at all.

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    I don't like either name... Marnie sounds like a dog

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    Marnie's cute, but not at all what I would've expected after Ethel. They seem very mismatched to me. It's not that I think that sibsets have to match, just that I'm surprised.

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    I really like the name Marnie, but completely agree that it just doesn't flow with Ethel well. Marnie just seems too modern for a name like Ethel.
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    Ethel and Marnie have a sweet Southern feel. They seem like they would have been perfect siblings during the 1930s.
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