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    Sheldon is so usable, I went to middle school with one.
    There's an 8/9 year old one at the daycare I worked at, and an 18 year old one who's the older brother of kindergartner.
    It's totally usable.

    Edmund is BEYOND usable. Edwin is usable as well.
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    I don't find Olive, Agnes, or Sebastian wearable but they're love around these boards.

    However it's true that names become wearable when you see/meet someone with the name. I didn't like Aurora or Eloise until I took care of the sweetest toddlers with those names. Harvey was a total nerd/geek name until it was worn by Harvey Specter on Suits

    Burton makes me think of Gus (Burton Guster) from Psych so I love it. But even before the show Burton never felt prissy, more like somebody's dad

    I have an older cousin named Sheldon, nn Shelly or Shell. Always popular and handsome, not at all nerdy

    I grew up around a lot of Hispanics so Edwin and Delmar are names I heard often. Can't decide if I like Delmer or Delmar better, they're both great

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    I don't find any of your names as unusable. Burton would be the one I find most difficult but Dule Hill does such a great job making Burton Guster (on Psych) a mixture between nerdy and funny that the name kind of gets a sense of awesomeness from that alone.
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    Burton reminds me of Tim Burton, which makes it unusable for me since I always found his movies to be "disturbing"
    Elmer is another one I couldn't use just because it's my favorite type of glue!

    The rest are totally usable.

    The only name I have issues with is Euphemia. I see it as pretty, but everyone else (in the real world) sees it as too out there or unusable on a real person, better for a fictional character. I'm hoping to get it as a middle name, but it might end up on a pet.
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    I think these days, pretty much anything goes.

    From the list you presented, I love Edwin. If I ever have a son, Edwin is a name I'll seriously consider using. I think it's an underused gem of a name! I know loads of people who would probably disagree (though many of these people think names such as Beatrice, Arthur, Cordelia and Calvin are totally ridiculous, unusable and elderly).
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