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    Cair Paravel :)

    Christmas names inspired by Christmas movies?

    Christmas is always a big thing in my family--my sister and I both have Christmas names, and Christmas starts way back in August around here sometimes (at least, if you ask my mom it does, lol), and it's always been the most magical time of my life, and I'd like to reflect that with at least one combo. I've seen most of the "Christmas" names--Noelle, Natalie, Mary, Ivy, Winter, Holly, etc.--and I love them, but most of them don't really work with the FN I'd like to use (Eva). Christmas movies are kind of one of the highlights of Christmas around here, so I thought I'd look to them for inspiration for a great Christmas name. Any ideas?

    So far, I like:

    Eva Waverly (for General Waverly in White Christmas)
    Eva Clara (for Clara in The Nutcracker)

    I don't want it to be too much of a stretch, but I'm up for variations on a name if it's too dated (for example, I'm sort of mulling around Eva Susanna or Eva Shoshana for Susan in Miracle on 34th Street...).

    I'm also up for any novel ways to honor Christmas, if you can think of anything I've missed.

    Thanks, ladies!

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    Clementines remind me of Christmas
    Decca for December
    Clarence the angel could be Clemence

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    Love Actually was on last night and reminded me of Aurelia.

    Said Au-Ray-lia it could work with Eva.
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    Eva would feel sort of Christmasy to me ala Christmas Eve.

    How about these from Christmas movies I love:

    Animated/Stop Motion:

    Annabelle (Annabelle's Wish)
    Virginia (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause)
    Tilly (Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey)

    Live Action:

    Faith (The Christmas Card)
    Molly (The Christmas Card)
    Janet (A Christmas Carol)
    Belle (A Christmas Carol)
    Emily (Elf)
    Deborah (Elf)
    Kate (The Gathering)
    Violet (It's a Wonderful Life)
    Ruth (It's a Wonderful Life)
    Laura (The Santa Claus)
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    Cair Paravel :)
    @dantea, I agree that Eva is sort of Christmasy already... but it's not so overtly Christmasy that I think I have to avoid a second Christmas name. I hadn't even thought of Violet--I don't know that I've ever seen It's a Wonderful Life, although I've heard the plotline redone several times, and it's never piqued my interest. I probably should, since I love Violet so much and since it's my dad's favorite Christmas movie. :/ I'm all of a sudden finding out that so many of my favorites (Bailey and George--a la George Bailey who plays in the movie--and Violet) all have Christmas ties. I don't really feel like Eva Violet is usable, though--I can't imagine pushing Violet to the MN spot, and Eva Violet is a bit "V" heavy.

    I had thought of Lucy, for Charlie's little sister in The Santa Clause 2, or even Charlie Brown Christmas, but Eva Lucy seems a bit abrupt, and I'm admittedly not the biggest Lucy fan. :/

    I love Eloise at Christmastime, and The Miracle on 34th Street, but I am not sure there's any names from there that I actually like that I haven't already used (Rachel's another one on my list! Goodness.).

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