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    Middle name for Seth?

    My husband and I both really love the name Seth. We're just having a lot of trouble finding a middle name that sounds good with it.

    We want to use Seth for a future son, but unless we can find a winning middle name we'll have to settle for one of the other combinations on our list.

    Does anyone know of any middle names that sound great with Seth?

    Edit: The only one we could think of was Seth Walter, but neither of us are sold. What do you think? Does Seth Walter sound weird?
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    Husband and I have also agreed on Seth!
    He suggested Seth Reuben, which I love, but if we had two sons I would want to use Reuben as a first name.
    Seth Walter sounds great; I think most names beginning with a vowel sound funny with Seth which is why it's so difficult.

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    Theodore Arthur

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