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    Maternal grandparents: Eva Katherine (love) and James Donald.
    Paternal grandparents: Earnest and Irene.
    My paternal grandmother who recently passed didn't have a middle name. If I were to name a baby after her I would use her maiden name, Hannah.
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    Maternal grandparents: Johann "Hans" and Veronika "Vroni". Her parents were named Emil and Marie, I don't know about my granddad's.
    Paternal grandparents: Georg and Mathilde. His parents were Georg and Maria, hers Simon and ... I'm not sure, but I think she was yet another Maria - after all, we're talking about small villages in a very Catholic part of Germany.
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    I love genealogy and recently started documenting my family. Some of the names that were used were pretty awesome...though some a definitely cringe-worthy and I can see why they fell out of use!

    Maternal grandparents:
    Miriam Ruth (goes by Ruth)
    Clarence Alton (goes by Alton)

    Paternal grandparents:
    Bonnie Louis (went by B.L. I have no clue why his parents chose Bonnie for his name...)
    Alma Mae (went by Alma)

    I also know Alma's parents' names (so my great grandparents):

    Ruth's parents' names (my great-grandparents):
    Maddie (not short for anything)

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    Taken from a post on my blog...

    Mom’s Side

    Violet Mary & Edward William Peter Jr.

    Mary Jean & Albert Arthur (Violet’s parents)
    Beatrice Anne & Edward William Peter Sr. (Edward’s parents)

    Rose Kathleen & Gilbert Arthur (Mary’s parents)
    Agnes Gertrude Mary & Arthur George (Albert’s parents)
    Harriet Sophia & Ernest Richard (Beatrice’s parents)
    Helena Florence Eliza & Herbert Henry William (Edward Sr’s parents)

    Dad’s Side

    Nora Frances & Arthur Charles Alfred

    Catherine Mabel & Frederick James (Nora’s parents)
    Rose Gloria & Wilfred Charles George (Arthur’s parents)

    Jane Elizabeth & John Whitaker (Catherine’s parents)
    Edith Louisa & Francis Silas (Frederick’s parents)
    Enid Caroline & Cadwallader David (Rose’s parents)
    Elinor Maud & William Arthur Isaac (Wilfred’s parents)
    ⋆ Margaret Mary ⋆

    Ada ⋆ Beatrice ⋆ Christabel ⋆ Cordelia ⋆ Dorothea ⋆ Elisabeth ⋆ Frances ⋆ Harriet ⋆ Ida ⋆ Iris ⋆ Jessamine ⋆ Joy ⋆ Mary ⋆ Matilda ⋆ Nora ⋆ Olive ⋆ Pearl ⋆ Rosabel ⋆ Rose ⋆ Rosemary ⋆ Sarah ⋆ Thessaly ⋆ Violet

    Abel ⋆ Archer ⋆ Asher ⋆ August ⋆ Benedict ⋆ Edmund ⋆ Fletcher ⋆ Francis ⋆ Gabriel ⋆ Isaac ⋆ Jack ⋆ Joah ⋆ John ⋆ Josiah ⋆ Jude ⋆ Nathanael ⋆ Nicholas ⋆ Noah ⋆ Raphael ⋆ Reuben ⋆ Samuel ⋆ Sebastian ⋆ Tobias ⋆ Zachariah

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