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Thread: Hosanna?

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    Not my regular style for actual use since my regular style is so different- but just for the sake of discussion I wanted to mention this one. I've always loved this name and never never see it talked about on here. I know it's a little bit on the line of 'crazy over the top jewish/christian' - but I feel like with Elijah, Judah, Ezra, etc. being so mainstream these days- Hosanna fits right in. Plus it has such a beautiful meaning for Christian folks IMO- an exclamation of praise for God. I also love the song Hosanna in association with the name. Main drawback is the nick name "Ho"- although I don't think that's a deal breaker personally.

    Just fun naming food for thought!!
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    I like it. It sounds like its related to Susan or Susannah. I dont know what very religious people would say about it though. The Ho nickname isn't very appealing however. Hosie or Zanna/Sanna is very cute though

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    I think the 'Ho' nickname possibility is too much of a risk!
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    I really like it! It is on the same lines as Jubilee to me.

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    I have considered this before, and I really think it could work. It totally has the same feel as Susannah and Johanna for me. Plus, being a Christian, I really like the meaning! I know that "Ho" is terrible, but Zanna/Zanni could be a cute nickname!

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