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    Tamsin is my favorite of the bunch, with Rowan as the runner up. I don't know that most people will jump automatically to Tammy. Tammy is so stuck in time that most of the people I know don't assume anyone would want to be called that. I've known several girls/women, from grade school to now (I'm late twenties) that had Tam names who were never called Tammy - mostly Tamaras. Also, I'm a firm believer that if you offer an alternative nickname, people will latch on. Tam and Taz/zy could be super cute.

    Other suggestions:

    Tara, proud mama to a Honey Badger
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    I like Larkin Hesper best of your choices. Lark is a great nickname and I adore Hesper!
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    Boy: Asa Guillaume, Barnaby August
    Girl: Apolline Iris- Polly, Clothilde Juno- Chloe

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    My favorite from your list is Larkin Hesper! Very nice!
    other ideas -

    Marlo and Berkley Hesper
    Marlo and Connelly Hesper
    Marlo and Mallory Hesper
    Marlo and Corrigan Hesper
    Marlo and Jensen Hesper
    Marlo and Bridget Hesper

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    I love the name Larkin and Micah from your list. I am actually in love with just Lark. It is on my list.

    What about
    Lark Hesper
    Blake Hesper
    Finley Hesper
    Greer Hesper
    Lane Hesper
    Reese Hesper
    Devon Hesper

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