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    I've seen Xenon in birth announcements in a newspaper, so sadly that one isn't made up.

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    Mildred, Gertrude, Ethel, Valaria (reminds me of Malaria), Imogen, and Brooklyn (I don't know why, I hate it). Also I hate when people give their kids normal names and they horribly misspell them like Izabelah and the like.
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    Baby GIRL coming 2.2017 💗
    Tessa Charlotte 🎀

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    I'm pretty sure X-etera was a play on et cetera, but referring specifically to X names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catheyc View Post
    Ha ha ha! Did you make up Xenon and X-etera or do you really know people with those names? Please tell me you made them up. I don't think I can go to sleep thinking these are names that an actual child has to live with.
    Quote Originally Posted by kungfualex View Post
    I'm pretty sure X-etera was a play on et cetera, but referring specifically to X names.
    What kungfualex said :-P

    I did not make up Xenon though!
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