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    I don't think it's that big a deal but be forewarned they're trying to turn the books into a movie, personally I haven't read them and wouldn't associate the name with the books or anything 50 Shades related and I don't think a lot of people would either. I think it's fine to use!
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    Am I missing something? Is this book that serious? I never hear about it outside of a few websites and even then it's not mentioned much.

    I much more prefer Grey

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    Thanks for all the feedback! I hadn't thought about using the e version much, but I do like how it aligns! Hopefully this will help convince DH
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    While I don't think people will automatically assume a connection to those books, I can guarantee you that out there somewhere is a mother naming her kid Grey specifically because those books are what got her revved up for the night she conceived her baby. Creepy, I know, but people have named kids in honor of the place they were conceived, so not really that much of a stretch.

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    Ooh. I really like Peregrine Grey/Gray. I haven't read the books, so I certainly wouldn't associate it with them. It's a bit trendy at the moment (I know two babies with Grey in the mn spot) but I'm not bothered by trendy middle names. Honestly, I think Grey/Gray sounds almost classic.
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