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    Thanks! I love the name Elias actually, but my name is Alice, so that rules that one out... we're considering Simon too, but for some reason I can't get past the nursery rhyme association (Simple Simon met a pieman...) and that just bugs me. Plus I feel like it sounds kind of British. Syler was a villain on the show Heroes, which is our only association with the name, so that's out. Love the name Levi but we know 2 different baby Levis among friends.

    Lots of great suggestions to think about, though! Keep them coming!

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    What about Amos? It has an ending like Silas, but it has a more manly image.

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    I love your name choices! Micah is in my top 10 boys names and I would hate to see it on a girl. I also love Caleb, but the other to are not my style. My suggestion to you would be to not be overly concerned with popularity - it all matters on location, especially if you're in the US. All though most of the top fifty should be popular throughout the country, this isn't always the case. I know two Patience's and it was the 900th most popular name the year I was born, where as Emily was the most popular, and I don't know any because it isn't as common in my state as elsewhere. You'll always run into the possibilty of knowing a couple other children with the same name no matter which you choose.

    My suggestions:
    Troy (since he likes Trent)
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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    What about Sabin? (Say-ben)
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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