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    Red face Input & ideas for our sibset!

    My husband and I are to the point where name talk is getting a little more real A little insight as to what we like: Irish/Scottish/English/Norse names are usually what we lean toward. Middle names starting with L are also a tradition in my family. The mn idea Skye is from a close friend of mine that passed away.

    If we have a son our solid, unwavering favorite is Cormac Alexander Marshall. The mn is after my husband. The problem is that we haven't found ANY other male combination that we like as much as this if we have a second son I feel as though he'll be getting the short end of the stick! Any other strong-sounding boy ideas to go with this name?!

    For girls, we've liked:

    Freya Skye, Freya Elowen
    Lorelei Elizabeth
    Pippa husband REALLY likes this name, which surprised me!
    Alva Skye....This is a new wild card we've started to like. My husband is working on our genealogy right now, and he discovered a female Alva from the 1700s.

    Any and all input is appreciated Thanks fellow berries!

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    Cormac Alexander Marshall is extremely handsome.

    I LOVE Freya Elowen. I was thinking more along the lines of Fiona to go with Cormac, but I think Freya works. Judging from your list, Fiona may be too common for you, but I do prefer Fiona Skye to Freya Skye. (Although I just realized it's a bit close to Ione Skye.) The y's look funny to me so close together in Freya Skye; if you're open to double middles, Freya Elowen Skye might be nice?

    I like the other names on your list as well, Freya Elowen just stood out to me. Alva is a nice find, but I'd like it with something longer in the middle.

    L names I love: Liv, Lyra, Lenora/Lenore, Leona, Linnea, Lucia, Lucille, Lorraine....
    Some combo ideas: Leona Skye, Lenora Skye, Alva Lenore, Pippa Lorraine, Pippa Lucille, Freya Lucille.

    And for boys, some random ideas:
    Evander Leo
    Emmett Louis
    Rafferty Lennox
    Emrys Lachlan
    Rhys Nathaniel
    Ezra Donovan

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    Rosa Kathleen-Henry Dashiell
    Maeve Adair-Angus Bodhi
    Margot Sofia-Conan Edward
    Alma Juliet-Linus Conrad
    Claire Odette-Solomon Waker

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    I LOVE Alva Skye because of the family and friend factor! It's unique too!

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