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    Repeat names in families?

    How do you all feel about repeating names that have already been used in families? Do you have any repeats in your extended family?
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    The only one I have in mine is through marriage; my nan has a brother called Tony, and married a Tony. But no one has ever passed a name down, other than for a middle name. I guess if its honouring someone it would be okay, providing there is a gap between generations. I kind of like it when fathers and sons have the same name too.
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    My bio dad was James Patrick XVIII - he goes as Jimmy. My oldest brother was James Patrick XIX - he went as James. My nephew is James Patrick XX and he goes by Junior. My nephew's son is called James Patrick XXI and he goes as J.P. So it just keeps on going it's been like this for decades in the family. I think it's nice but it got confusing as kids when my Granddad was around too.
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    My dad and grandad have the same first name, and live in the same house, which makes sorting out letters quite confusing lol. Plus it also happens to be my middle name. One of my cousins has the male version of my name, and all the girls names end in 'a' and sound quite similar; it's no wonder we get called the wrong names sometimes .
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    My grandma is Angela Mary, her sister was Mary Jean. My mother is a Catherine Mary, and my aunts are Margaret Mary and Theresa Marie. My eldest sister is Maria, and the sister above me is Anna Mary. I am a Mary Renee. My great-grandfather was a Joseph Charles {his father was Charlie}, my granddad was a Joseph Charles. My uncles are Michael Joseph, Daniel Joseph, and Gregory Joseph. My brother is Stephen Joseph, and my dad's name is Stephen. It may have to do with a shortage of family names, but it's also Catholic tradition.
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