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    Vintage siblings

    I am posting for future reference. DH and I have decided on a name for our first child/daughter- Hattie I LOVE vintage, old-fasioned names, DH loves trendy names and so we have Hattie. Goes along with modern trends while still maintaining its vintage feel. Middle names are family names. I am trying to come up with a list of future sibling names. I am concerned that I will not be able to find names that A. fit with Hattie and B. that we love just as much as Hattie.

    Here is our list thus far, but I would like to add/hopefully find a name that gives me the same feel as Hattie...


    Ada (I like this with Hattie, but it seems kind of bland)
    Pearl (It's growing on me)
    Lucy (We like, but don't LOVE)
    Zoe (different feel, but DH LOVE'S it)

    Thanks in advance!!
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    First of all, I LOVE Hattie Miriam Charlotte! I like your suggestions, and agree with most of your comments beside them. Ada is sweet but does seem a bit bland. Zoe is sweet but doesn't seem to match Hattie (though this idea of sibling names "matching" means more to other posters on this forum than it does to me...I say use what you love).

    As far as suggestions go, a ton of girls' names come to mind that I think fit your criteria:


    I can't really give you any boys' names suggestions, because I feel that most boys' names in use have been around for centuries and are therefore classic/vintage. I do like all three of those that you mentioned. Good luck, and congrats on baby Hattie!

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    I love Hattie Miriam Charlotte! it's such a sweet combo! Iris, Ruby, Hazel, Alice, Elsie/Ellie/Ella, Cora, Josie, Nellie, Emma/Emmie, Stella, Annie, Etta, Enna, and Beth all have the same feel as Hattie does to me. I just realized that you have Emma and Cora on the middle name list, can they not be used as first names? The boys names are a bit harder, maybe Albert/Alfred, Abram/Abraham, Bennet, Charles, Felix, Jack, Calvin, Gideon, Jonah or Asher?

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    I like the idea of Noah plus a vintage middle name:

    Noah Franklin
    Noah Rudolph
    Noah Irving
    Noah Montgomery
    Noah William
    Noah Maxfield

    I also like Levi Richard or Flynn Jeremiah (to honor Jerry).

    For a girl, I think Ada is so sweet! Hattie and Ada are perfect together! To make it feel less "bland" (which I don't think it is!), you can use a longer, feminine, vintage middle name:

    Ada Josephine
    Ada Margaret
    Ada Georgette
    Ada Elizabeth

    Good Luck!

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    averelladavina - Emma and Cora are not in the running as first names. I love Emma but it is a little too popular for my taste. Cora is after MIL's middle name Cori. I don't love the name as a FN nor does DH so it would have to be a middle. Love the suggestion of Stella, but Tori Spelling's daughters are Stella and Hattie! I love the names together but don't want to hear "Oh, like Tori Spelling?" whenever I tell people my daughters' names.

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