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    I went to elementary school with twins named Victor & Victoria.

    My grandmother's name is Jill, and her older brother's name is Jack.

    I now know a family whose children are named Jayden, Tijay (pronounced Ty-jay), and Brayden. That's the order, too. I don't know why the rhyming, and I don't know why they skipped one kid to accomplish the rhyme. There is now a daughter, but I don't know her name...

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    A family with girls named: Alixis, Alicia, Alyvia, Alaura, and Aleah,
    and boys: Trevor and Teagan

    I don't know how anyone ever got called by the correct name. Gag!

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    I knew twins my age named Mariel and Mariella. They were identical. Why you would do that to a child, I do not know.
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    I know siblings named Christopher and Christen. They were both named after their father, Christopher. I understand naming one child after yourself, but two? Now that's just arrogant.
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