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    I know a g/g twin set named Tyler and Oceana. I don't get the boy name on one girl ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    So is it pronounced ever-rhett? Most just say ev-rit so I don't relate it to Ever, and it really sounds bad with Anabel. It would be more feminine if it were Everette "ever-ette"
    No, she pronounced it the way you do. Ev-ret. But it's spelled Ever so I connect the two in my head. I think it'd be a usable nickname, although she didn't go by one.

    And I agree about the same-sex twins with a unisex/boyish name on one and a girlier name on the other. It doesn't seem that fair, but you never know. They both might love their names and grow up thinking "I'm glad I didn't get a name like Anabel" or vice versa.
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    I always wanted a unisex/tomboy name...even before they were a trend. I am almost 40 and to this day I remember thinking a girl I new in hs named Ryan was SO lucky to have that name!
    I don't mind Everet. I've always found Everett on a boy to be a bit....soft.

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    I think Everett is hideous for a girl, no matter the spelling and I feel bad that her sister got such a great name.

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    Not a fan, but it's cute.

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