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    I don't really like Gabrielle, to be honest. I hate Gabby and Gabrielle feels frilly and annoying to me. I would vastly prefer something simpler like Elle or Brie. Just my personal opinion, though. It's a bit cheesy and kind of ruined for me by negative connotations but regardless of that it is not my favourite name.
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    I appreciate hearing people's thoughts..positive and negative! That's why I ask..I like to know what it makes people think of when they hear it. Normally I am not a fan of the frilly/girly style names so much..that's why i am questioning myself haha I think my brain is on baby name overload.

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    I like Gabrielle a lot, much better than Gabriella (which is still pretty but much less my style.) I generally prefer names without the final "a". (For example: Sophie instead of Sophia, Isabel instead of Isabella, ect.)

    As far as nicknames go, I like Ellie a lot, and it works for Gabrielle. But if you like Gabby it has good connotations for me and I say go for it, it's very cute!

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    I love the name. When I was younger and thought my given name was boring, I wanted to change it to Gabrielle.
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    I like the names w/o the a ending as well! Now to wait and see if husband likes it. I've texted him (he works on other side of country). He told me earlier today he doesn't want to discuss names anymore until he gets home ahah but that's not until December 15th and I'm due the 23rd..I can't help but think about names constantly!

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