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    i'm so indecisive.....please help!

    I've posted before and thought we had decided on the name Van for our 3rd boy BUT now i don't know and am making myself so confused. Our list is pretty short so could you please tell me what name you think completes are family of 3 boys, brothers are Dash Harrison and Mack Vincent. Middle names can change....our other boys middle names are family names but for multiple reason I really want to use Indiana in the middle spot and it would give me the nickname Indy which I love (plus if we used Van his initials would be VIP and our son Mack's are MVP). Possible family middle names: Andrew, James, Campbell, Jesse, Hal

    Van Indiana
    Bridger(nn Brig)
    Jesse (family name)
    Knox - too trendy???
    Campbell (nn Cam)

    Which name "goes" the best?? Can you suggest any combos?? Thank you!!

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    I like Beckett best from the bunch. Plus, I think it sounds great with Dash and Mack.
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    I'm also in love with Beckett. I think it sounds the best, and for middle names:
    Beckett James sounds great <3

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    Dash, Mack, and Van OR Dash, Mack, and Knox would get my vote. I like an energetic, one-syllable first name to go with Dash and Mack. Van and Knox fit that bill. I would do Knox Indiana or Van Indiana. Jesse is fun too, though. Dash, Mack, and Jesse would be great as well.
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    What about using INDY as his first name? all the names on your list are great. the only one I see as not fitting in and not being nearly as cool is Jesse.

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