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View Poll Results: Best sibling name to go with Scarlett

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  • Juliet

    25 34.72%
  • Violet

    5 6.94%
  • Ruby

    16 22.22%
  • Pearl

    26 36.11%
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    I vote Ruby, it just sounds better with Scarlett, and that was before I even read your thread. Yes, they are both similar in terms of color, but they sound different enough, and just seem to pair well together. If you have a reservation about Pearl now, trust your gut, otherwise it may continue to irk you as time goes by.

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    I like Pearl best. BUt if your husband doesn't like it, it's a no go. So my vote would be for Juliet. It's your favourite, your husband likes it. They have the same ending, but so what...

    What about Violetta? Personally I think Lucinda, Marion, Helena and Miriam would make a great little sisters to Scarlett.

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    Thanks ladies. I really appreciate your feedback! Right now I'm considering Juliet and Ruby based off of what you ladies are saying. Scarlett I actually almost named Ruby at the time. Juliet is my favorite, but only by a little. The sound of the name Ruby sounds better with Scarlett and, Juliet is gorgeous and classic. I wish this was an easier decision!

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    Then you have two lovely names you both love! You can choose when you meet the little one. Good luck!

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    Thank you! If you ladies would continue to vote on Ruby or Juliet I'd appreciate it!

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