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Thread: Scotland

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    I'm not big on place names. However I prefer Sicily to Scotland for the very simple reason that I think the word "land" in a name is odd and potentially asking for trouble. (Especially if your daughter develops weight related problems or insecurities. Along the lines of the "your momma's so fat...".
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    I only like place names if they have special personal meaning. (Like where a special relative is from or where you met or married your spouse.) And, generally, I only like them in the middle spot. For some reason, I don't love Scotland, though meaningful surname-y place names are music to my ears (Camden, Kingston, Parker, etc.). Sicily feels a bit more right, and I love that it holds personal meaning for you.

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    I like Sicily a lot more than Scotland for a girl, Scotland just feels like more of a boys name to me, celebrity girl endorsement aside

    Sicily would be a gorgeous girls name, I don't why you couldn't use it as a first. Also has the cute nickname Cici.
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