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    Aug 2012
    Greater Boston, MA
    LN: Middlebrook

    DH: Abel Christopher
    DW: Tess Penelope

    DS: Kitt Gabriel
    DD: Sarah Linnet
    DS/DS: Colton Thaddeus 'Cole' // Sullivan Josiah 'Sully'
    DS: Miles Sebastian
    DS/DD: Jude Arlo // Violet Eva
    DS/DS/DS: Edgar Walter // Percy Kasper // Wilbur Monte
    DD: Olive Margaret
    DD: Rose Martha
    DD/DD/DS: Ara Sailor // Ivy Harper // Eli Archer
    DS: John Solomon 'Jack'
    DD/DD/DD: Margot Ophelia // Nora Rosemary // Iris Josephine
    DD/DD/DS/DS: Clementine Joan 'Clemmy' // Matilda Kathleen 'Tilda' // August Leonard 'Gus' // Hugo Richard

    Abel & Tess Middlebrook and their children Kitt, Sarah, Cole, Sully, Miles, Jude, Violet, Edgar, Percy, Wilbur, Olive, Rose, Ara, Ivy, Eli, Jack, Margot, Nora, Iris, Clemmy, Tilda, Gus and Hugo.

    ♥ Margaret Mary ♥
    20. Name nerd. College sophomore. Identical twin.

    ★ Elza Josephine ★ Harriet Corliss ★ Ida Rosemary ★ Mary Jessamine ★ Rose Christabel ★ Sarah Margaret ★
    ★ Asher Benedict ★ Gabriel August ★ James Fletcher ★ John Constantine ★ Noah Alexander ★ Samuel Ernest ★

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