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    Post Harry Potter Name Quiz!

    Sorry if these are getting old, but I really think we need a Harry Potter one .

    Girl #1 (FN)
    What is your favorite character?
    Harry - Lia
    Ron - Jillian
    Hermione - Viviana
    Dumbledore - Septima
    Malfoy - Hollis
    Hagrid - Gretta
    Other (which?) - Haven

    Girl #1 (MN)
    Books vs. Movies: Which do you prefer?
    Books! - Sofia
    Movies! - Olive

    Boy #1 (FN)
    What house would you be in if you attended Hogwarts?
    Gryffindor - Antonius
    Hufflepuff - Ivan
    Ravenclaw - Maximillian
    Slytherin - Gregory

    Boy #1 (MN)
    What was your favorite book?
    Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone - Lawrence
    Chamber of Secrets - Cornelius
    Prisoner of Azkaban - Arthur
    Goblet of Fire - Mateo
    Order of the Phoenix - Elias
    Half-Blood Prince - Carter
    Deathly Hallows - Willard


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