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    1600s/1700s Family Game!!

    So you are living in puritanical New England... Which is actually pretty cool, for the first time education is free to all and literacy is up! Which means people are being more creative than they have been in a long time when it comes to naming their children and they're having bunches
    So say you have 0-18 children
    Roll one 6 sides die and if you get a 1 or a 4 your dice number is 1, if you get a 2 or a 5 your dice number is 2 & if you get a 3 or a 6 your number is 3.
    If you got 1 - roll that dice and whatever number is the number of children you have
    If you got a 2 - roll the dice twice and add those numbers together.
    If you got a 3- roll the dice 3 times and add those numbers.
    Now that you have your # you'll want to find out if you're having boys or girls!
    roll the dice for each child.. even are boys and odd are girls- roll and what you get is what you get for each one.
    Now keep in mind it was common for people to name their children after themselves, their other children, the top 10 names of 'your' time, and don't forget the open the Bible and touch the page with your eyes shut and then just name your child those words or word or patriotic names.... Some people will probably have to hit up the Internet for some history and perhaps a few ideas but this could be fun.
    Also you don't have to say your year or state but you can come up with names for you and your spouse and even put ages on your children if you want any writers out there might have fun with a little story or occupations or something for them...
    Have fun and be creative! Not your usual roll a dice pick a number of names game...

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    West Midlands, UK
    H: James William Batton
    W: Mary Alice {Windsor} Batton

    S: James William Batton
    D: Windsor Mary Batton
    D: Willoughby Alice Batton
    D: Honesty Evelyn Batton
    S: George Cloud Batton
    D: Petunia Elizabeth Batton
    D: Lyda Easther Batton
    D: Anne Reformation Batton
    S: Joseph Peace Batton
    S: Lewis Bravery Batton
    S: Forgiveness Charles Batton
    S: William Navy Batton

    James and Mary lived in England during the 1700's, they had 12 children, not all of whom survived to adulthood. James worked as an artist for Queen Anne and later King George I, while Mary mostly stayed at home with the children.

    James (49) and Mary (38) with: Jimmy (19), Winnie (18), Willou (17), Honesty (dec; 4yrs), George (dec; 2yrs), Petunia (dec; 15mo), Lyda (12), Annie (11), Joseph (8), Lewis (7), Forgiveness (dec; 12mo), and William (4).
    Hakuna Matata * Ohana
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    Esther (Carpenter)& Thomas James Williams
    He is the Minister in our town, I look after our children. He is the youngest of 3 surviving children of Abigail & Judah Williams. I am the only daughter of Job & Esther Cartwright, I have 6 older brothers and 7 younger brothers, the youngest of which are 8 year old twins.
    It is 1690, I'm 33 & he is 37, we were married when I was 17 but didn't have a child for what seemed like a long time ... We now have 2 girls and 4 boys.
    Abigail Praise-God Williams (13)
    Thomas James Williams (11)
    Be-Honest Caleb Williams (8)
    Esther Love Williams (5)
    Silent-is-considered-wise Judah Williams (2)
    Jedediah Freedom Williams(2 months)
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    DH: Barnabas Abel Thatcher
    DW: Susanna Galilee (Arrington) Thatcher

    DD: Temperance Abela Thatcher (Abela is after her father's middle name, a feminization of Abel)
    DS: Concord Arrington Thatcher
    DD: Sincerity Galilee Thatcher
    DD: Merritt Susanna Thatcher
    DD: Fidelity Susanna Thatcher
    DD: Clemency Merritt Thatcher

    Barnabas and Susanna Thatcher live somewhere in Rhode Island and had six children, one of whom didn't survive infancy. Barnabas was the third child of Amos and Dinah Thatcher, while Susanna was the only daughter and second child of Zephaniah and Miriam Arrington. Barnabas is the Reverend of the town they live in, while Susanna stays at home with the kids.

    The year is 1701, making Barnabas 41 and Susanna 34, seven years younger than him. They got married when Barnabas was 23 and Susanna was 16. Susanna miscarried a child at 17, so they didn't try again for another two years. When they were 26 and 19, Susanna gave birth to their eldest daughter, Temperance Abela. Temperance is currently 15 and engaged to marry the firstborn son of a fellow preacher when she is 17.

    The Thatchers: Barnabas (41) and Susanna (34) with Temperance (15), Concord (14), Sincerity (12), Merritt (died of smallpox at 21 months of age, would have been 9), Fidelity (8), and Clemency (1)
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