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    Yoga Studio - LONG

    Write out the rosters for Yippie Yoga below

    There are 5 teachers - 4 women and 1 man - which share the responsibility of the following 21 classes. Students can overlap if you wish or not at all. You can include ages if desired:

    Monday Morning Sunburst
    5 adult women

    Monday Afternoon Recharge
    7 adult men and women

    Monday Evening Moonlight
    10 people all ages

    Tuesday Morning Awakening
    Mommy/Daddy & me class/ 6 parent and child pairs

    Tuesday Noon Invigoration
    8 men and women

    Tuesday Late Night Release
    7 pregnant women

    Wednesday Dawnbreak Detox
    9 women all ages

    Wednesday Afternoon Hot Flow
    7 men and women

    Wednesday Evening Ease
    6 women 55+

    Thursday Morning Stretch
    9 adult men and women

    Thursday Midday Twist
    8 kids aged 7 to 12

    Thirsty Thursday HydroYoga
    8 adult women

    Friday Morning Inversion Circus
    9 men and women

    Friday Noon Vitality
    7 women

    Friday Night Free Flow
    11 people of all ages

    Saturday Morning Suncatcher
    5 ladies aged 55+

    Saturday Midday MonkeyAround
    7 Little kids aged 3 to 6

    Saturday Afternoon Starter
    10 beginner adults men and women

    Saturday Evening Sweat
    8 men and women on a journey to weight loss

    Sunday Dawnbreak Detox
    6 women all ages

    Sunday Afternoon Athletic Yoga
    9 men and women

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