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    A country where we get weather that people complain about a lot.
    I think it's best to avoid a name already associated with a famous character; else it'd be like naming a character Bella or Katniss (not the best comparisons, but you get what I mean.)
    Alula / Elula
    Lilo (LEE-lo)

    For negative associations that aren't as strong, there's Salome (sah-LOE-mee) which has the nn Lo.
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    I don't know what your book is about or what genre it is so it's hard to say for sure however...

    I think the ONLY way Lolita could be used is if she was predominately referred to as Lo and there was a side comment about 1) how she was named after the infamous Lolita because it was her mothers favorite book. Though that would have to be written into the characterization of the whole family situation. or 2) a reason why she choose the name for herself, ect.

    I don't think you can use a name like Lolita or Karenina without making obvious and direct references and correlations to the original works. However, there was a rewrite of Geothe's famous "The Sorrows of Young Werther" by Plenzdorf called "The New Sorrows of Young W." in which a new character discovers similarities between his life and that of Werther. My point is, if you make the connection obvious it can work but otherwise I would advise against it.
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    Thank you all very much! I think I'm going to just stick with Wendi, and maybe give her a friend or a pet with the name Lolita.
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