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    Many Multiples BNG

    1. You just finished college and started your new job, what is your new job?

    2. You meet a very attractive successful man at your new job, what is his name?

    3. You decide to marry this man. Where do you get married and where do you go on your honeymoon?

    4. You both really want a child but it seems to be taking a long time! Finally about a year after you get back from your honeymoon you find out your pregnant! Even better its twin girls!!! They are born on March 13th. The first twin has blonde hair and blue eyes and the second twin has brown hair and green eyes. Their first names must be 5 letters and their middle names must be a season. What do you name them?

    5. Surprisingly when your twins are 6 months old you find out your pregnant again! You are surprised again when you find out its another set of twins!! This time it’s a boy and girl! They are born on June 6th. Your daughter has dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Your son has blonde hair and dark green eyes. Your daughter’s first name must start with either an A, T, L, or J and her middle name must be something like Faith, Grace, Hope, Joy etc. Your son’s first name must also start with an A, T, L or J and his middle name must be after his father! What do you name them?

    6. When your twin girls are 4 and your 2nd set of twins are 3. Your son is begging for another brother since he feels so outnumbered by his 3 sisters! You are having a ton of trouble getting pregnant; it seems to be taking forever like it did when you first wanted to be pregnant. So, you decided to get help and it is very successful! So successful that you end up with Quints and you are shocked! Its 4 girls and only 1 boy. The girls all have dirty blonde hair and 2 of them have blue eyes and 2 of them have green. Your son has brown hair and blue eyes. You name them in order A, B, C, D, E. The girls middle names are flowers and your son’s middle names must be after an important male in your life. A- girl, B- boy, C- girl, D- girl, E- girl. They are born January 27th. What do you name them?

    7. When your twins are 8 and the other set is 7 and your quads are 4 you receive another huge surprise… you are pregnant again. You are upset because you already have 9 kids and were not expecting this! But, you are also filled with joy and excited to bring…twin boys into the world!! They are born April 30th, and one has brown hair and blue eyes and the other have blonde hair and blue eyes. You want their first names to match since you have never done that before! Their middle names must be after a character you love in a movie or book. What do you name them?

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    Romilly, Anais, Valentina, Cosima, Ariadne, Willa, Annika, Briar, Remy, Anna
    Sebastian, Jasper, Reid, Seth, James, Malachi, Jace, Theron, Theroux, Jude, Remiel

    Guilty pleasures: Aristana, Beauregard, Benoit, Salomé, Marcella, Temperance

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    DW: Tara Mae Thomas
    Occupation: City Clerk

    DH: Jacques Abram Bennett
    Occupation: Senator

    Married in home town in Alaska
    Honeymoon: Camping on Mt. Washington

    1st Pregnancy:
    DD: Anona Summer *Annie*
    DD: Viola Spring

    2nd Pregancy:
    DD: Allison Grace *Allie*
    DS: Lars Abram

    3rd Pregnancy:
    DD: Athena Rose
    DS: Beau Thomas
    DD: Cassandra Tansy *Cassie*
    DD: Delilah Buttercup *Lilah*
    DD: Elle Marigold

    4th Pregancy:
    DS: Alton Phillip
    DS: Anders Hudson *Andy*
    Mommy to the funniest little boy ever, Sage

    Valerie, Allison, Ashley, Alora, Sophie, Elle, Marilyn, Winter
    Reese, Keegan, Darwin, Alton, Lars, Conrad, Hart, Aaron

    (Favorite names may change often)

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