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    Newbie Needs Opinion on Girl's Name

    Hi all,

    I am new here and my DH and I are expecting our first LO, a baby girl We are due in just a couple of months, so I want to settle on a name. We are almost 100% decided on Elora Elizabeth, but I want your input! I first read about the name Elora on Nameberry, so I thought Id come back to the source. What do you think? Does it matter to you that our last name starts with an "R"?

    Thanks all!
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    Also, another name we are considering is Sienna Nepenthe. Also, Caroline Elizabeth. Please help! (Elizabeth after her Great Grandmother)

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    Caroline Elizabeth is my favorite! I like both Elora and Elizabeth, but the two El El's together are too much for me.

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    Thanks for responding! Also thinking of Linnea Elizabeth.

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    I think all of your choices are pretty! Sienna is beautiful but Nepenthe is nms, I'd go with something simpler. I think Elora Elizabeth is pretty - but here on Nameberry you'll probably get lots of feedback saying that the repetitive El El sound isn't great. Most Berries don't seem to like alliteration when it comes to names! I think it's ok sometimes, especially if the middle name has special significance to you. Caroline Elizabeth is lovely too though! Good luck!

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