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    An Evening at the Community Swimming Pool

    After going to the pool this evening, I was inspired to create this game. I was sitting there guessing everyone's names to myself. It is now your turn to play!

    The first family that came in was a mom and her two boys.

    The mom was a tomboyish african american who looked to be in her mid 30's. She was wearing a red tee shirt, black basketball shorts, and hightop basketball shoes. She had her hair pulled up and was looking at her phone while sitting in a chair by the pool.
    What is her name?

    The older of the two boys appeared to be about twelve years old. He was very skinny and dark skinned and was wearing a pair of WWE wrestling swimming trunks. He was hyper and enjoyed playing ball with his brother in the pool. He ran around the outside of the pool and got yelled at by his mama.
    What is his name?

    The younger of the two boys appeared to be about ten years old. He was a little chunky and light skinned and was wearing a pair of colorful swimming trunks. He wasn't as hyper as his brother, but he still enjoyed playing with the ball. He tend to stay on a pool noodle and inside the pool rather than run around like his brother.
    What is his name?

    The next family to arrive was an elderly lady and her tiny granddaughter.

    Grandma was caucasion, and had short grey hair and wore a white and black striped tank top, and black shorts. She was in her early or mid 60's. She sat on the steps in the water and coaxed her granddaughter to swim. She told her stories about how she used to swim when she was younger.
    What is her name?

    The granddaughter was a dirty blonde curly haired little girl around 4 years old. She was wearing a frilly pink bikini halter top and matching pink swimming shorts. She had on pink arm floaties and was very shy. She kept to herself and only swam a few feet away from her grandma when she swam at all. She kept getting out and drying her face on her pink princess towel and then come back in.
    What is her name?

    The next family to arrive was a father and his son.

    The dad was caucasion and covered in tattoos. He sat in a chair by the pool and socialized with the mom of the two boys. He smoked a cigarette and drank a beer. He wore a white tee shirt, grey shorts, red knee socks, and tennis shoes. He resembled the wrestler, CM Punk, and was in his late 30's. He stood up a few times to take pictures of his son.
    What is his name?

    The son was mixed race and approxamately 8 years old. He had curly dark brown hair and blue swimming trunks. He played with the two brothers, but they didn't pay much attention to him. He tended to swim around alone often and enjoyed staying under the water for a minute at a time.
    What is his name?

    The next person to arrive was a single man who did not swim.

    He sat next to the mom and dad who were just described. He was talking to them, but was not as talkative. He was a darker skinned mixed race man with pale blue/green eyes and a buzzed hair cut. He was wearing a black and grey striped tank top, black shorts, and black flip flops. He also had a gold chain necklace.
    What is his name?

    The next family to arrive was a hispanic family with dad, mom, son, and daughter.

    The mom was about 30 years old. She had dark hair pulled back in a low ponytail, a red shirt, and red shorts. She spent her entire time in the pool with her little girl, helping her swim and play. At one point, she got out with the little girl and checked on the food in the grill when dad stepped away. She smiled a lot and spoke spanish.
    What is her name?

    The dad was around the same age. He was wearing sunglasses, a black tee shirt, and black shorts. He carried all of the towels and a bag full of whatever they were having on the grill. He stayed under the grill cabana and seasoned the meat and cooked. He spoke spanish as well.
    What is his name?

    The son was around 10 years old. He played with the brothers and acted as the boss in all of their games. He was as hyper as the older brother and talked a lot. He was wearing colored swimming trunks and had short dark hair. He spoke perfect english but communicated with his family as well.
    What is his name?

    The daughter was about 2 years old. She was wearing a pink Dora the Explorer bathing suit and had long dark hair. She was constantly smiling and never left her mom's side. She had a pink floaty donut tube that she kept taking off, and she didn't say much. She was speaking spanish with her mom, and had to go potty a lot.
    What is her name?

    The final family there was who accompanied me there tonight.

    My father in law is a tall, skinny caucasion male in his early 40's with glasses. He swam for a very short period before sitting in the sun and vaping. He had on dark swimming trunks, has short dark hair, and he kept to himself in the pool. He left before others arrived. He didn't say much or even say he was leaving.
    What is his name?

    My fiancee is a tall, husky caucasion who is 21 years old. He has glasses, shaggy dark hair, bright blue eyes, and colorful swimming trunks with palm trees on them. He was wrestling with his brother and conversing with him about video games.
    What is his name?

    My brother in law is a baby faced 15 year old with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses, and colorful swimming trunks. He is not as tall as his brother, but he is also husky. He was also wrestling with my fiancee and conversing with him about video games.
    What is his name?

    And then there is me. I am 22 years old and have shoulder length shaggy curly dirty blonde hair and hazel/green eyes. I am very short and not so skinny. I had on a blue and white striped bathing suit top that covered up my whole stomach, white swim shorts, and blue bikini bottoms. I also had a purple carolina girl tattoo exposed on the lower side part of my back. I kept to myself and observed everyone else. I tried to converse with the 4 year old but she was shy, and the boys kept splashing me on accident. I also briefly wrestled with my fiancee and brother in law, and could not stand up in the 5ft water.
    What is my name? (it's not the same as my username either. no cheating! )
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