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    Jul 2012
    Carolina. My sister has two friends named Savannah, so it feels very 90s to me.
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    Carolina is beautiful

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    Carolina. Savannah the city is beautiful but Savannah the name is associated in my mind with an unbeatably trashy, My Name is Earl kind of feel. Just the Savannahs I've met.

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    Carolina, definitely. But the real question would be are you a gamecock at heart or a Dawg? (or technically whatever SCAD's mascot is, the bees I guess, since even if they're the same state Athens is quite a ways from Sav...) See I'm a Bulldog, (goooo dawgs! sic Em, wooof woof woof!) but as far as names go I'd pick Carolina.

    Sorry you got my college pride going unexpectedly

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    I like Carolina, but prefer Caroline. I know a lot of people on here really like Savannah, but it is a stripper name to me.

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