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    Congratulations to you too lineska! I love your idea of wrapping up a children's book. I agree that Christmas is the perfect time. We are only home twice a year too, and it just worked out that I'll be 11 weeks at Christmas (although I know that that is still a bit early). My mom and my sister (who is only 1 1/2 years older than me) both miscarried their first child. Knowing that, I am super aware that that may happen to me. I am also so very excited and hopeful and feeling blessed that DH and I were able to conceive quickly (only trying for 2 months). I have a very close friend who has struggled to conceive for 2 years. So I want to cherish this miracle that is happening and enjoy each moment! Wishing you all the best! Have you decided on names yet?
    Thanks! I think 11 weeks is perfectly reasonable for telling parents, I understand waiting longer to tell the world (I probably won't go "facebook official" until more like 20 weeks) but immediate family makes sense, especially when you dont have many in-person chances. I'll be right around 12 weeks at Christmas. I feel bad wishing away these months but I just want to be into the second trimester so I feel like I can breathe a little...

    One more idea! A friend of mine did this the other week when she told her family. She pretended she wanted to take a group picture of everybody and got them all together in front of the fireplace (you could do Christmas tree...), and then did the "Okay guys, 1-2-3-Say, "Anna's pregnant!"" The pictures of their responses were incredible.

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    We told our families at Christmas last year! I got some personalised christmas cards made up that said 'merry christmas, for christmas were getting you...' and on the inside of the card I had a picture of the ultrasound and it said 'a grandbaby, a neice/nephew, a cousin etc'! Got a lots of screams of excitment as everyone opened them together :-)

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    I found out I was pregnant when I was living in PA and my mom was in NC. I had actually just visited a week before I found out so I wound up telling her over the phone. It wasn't cute or creative but the love and excitement was there anyway. It's great that you have this visit coming up as a perfect opportunity. It is a good idea to get a few months in to make it public though. My mom had announced a pregnancy shortly before she miscarried at 10 weeks and was still coming across people who hadn't had a chance to congratulate her yet while she was grieving. I told her, my closest friends and work (there were safety issues in my profession) as soon as I knew and had every intention of otherwise keeping mum until my 2nd trimester, but I spilled it on facebook when I was about 8 weeks.

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    Congrats! I used to look up different ways to tell my family that I'm pregnant whenever that time comes. My mom hates surprises so naturally, she is the main person I want to surprise. I remember seeing where someone took her family out to dinner and when the waitress brought the beverages, the mom/grandma-to-be's drink was in a baby bottle or a sippy cup. I thought that was sooo neat and unexpected! So that's probably one I'll end up going with. I've seen a few more that I really like. There was another one where a husband and wife had gone home for the holidays and had everyone hold hands for a big family prayer. During the prayer he said a special prayer for the baby that no one knew about. Talk about a surprise! Especially trying to hold in remarks while the prayer is still going on. Lol. And of course there is always the brag book with the sonogram inside.
    Good luck on finding a creative way to let everyone know! And again, congratulations!!

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    I meant to post here the other day when the idea popped into my head!

    If you wanted to get crafty you could make your own christmas crackers and instead of the usual joke, write a creative announcement or riddle to announce it OR a print out of your ultrasound image (if you've had one). You could also buy those tiny plastic babies as favours, as well as chucking in the usual paper crown.

    I'm sure you'd be able to find the supplies you'd need at a craft shop -- and its still far enough out from christmas to get everything together
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