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    Godchild naming help

    Okay so my best friend mum is having another baby and neither me or my friend trust her naming skills so we have taken the role of honorary godparents to make sure this child isn't cursed with a horrible name.

    Last name: Berry

    Mum: Melissa
    Dad: Paul

    Sister: Shannyn Elizabeth - 16
    Brother: Zachary Ethan - 3

    - Don't know the gender
    - Want to keep the middle an E-name
    - Try for something Celtic or British, but not unknown
    - At the moment my choice would be Gwendolyn or Nolan and Shannyn's are Jane or Rose and no ideas for a boy.
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    I love Gwendolyn! I think that would work quite well with brother and sister. For a middle...what about Gwendolyn Eve?
    Nolan is okay for me. I don't love it. Nolan Eugene? Nolan Elliott?

    More thoughts later.
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    Nolan Everett
    Samantha Eilidh
    Haha I don't know just the first names that came to my head.
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