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    My thoughts exactly

    Quote Originally Posted by raqkel View Post
    I would assume Evangeline was the child of evangelical Christian parents.
    My thoughts exactly!

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    I would never make the connection...I know Christians that are in know way Christian, nor are their parents.

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    I've never, or would have, thought of Evangeline being tied up to Christianity. I think its fine, and a gorgeous name by the way.
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    Ehh, my first thought was Uncle Tom's Cabin...the little girl (Eva)'s given name was Evangeline. I'm a Christian and it took me a couple minutes to make the "evangelist/ism" connection..and others have spoken along the same lines. That being said, the only Evangeline I know is the daughter of missionaries. The main reason they chose that name was because their other children have E names and so they wanted to continue the trend.

    I think it is a beautiful name. It has cute nn's, is long and so makes me think of a bright light, which is a sweet quality (being someone different, standing up for your beliefs instead of following the crowd, etc). I think with The Princess and the Frog, the name would be associated with the character

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    No way! It's a literary name. Evangelicals might not read enough beyond the Bible to realize it though. (I was raised as one...I speak from experience).
    This is one of the best points brought up in the entire thread.

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