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    I thought that's what the name's meaning was. Someone who evangelizes (religiously). It was definitely my first thought upon noticing the popularity of the name.
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    Evangeline is a Greek name that means "messenger of good news". In Latin, evangelium means "gospel". It is a religious name for Christians. I don't understand how anyone can NOT see it as a Christian name. Personally, I would assume that Evangeline's parents were Christians.
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    I think it would be the choice of Christian parents primarily and of others because it is a beautiful name.

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    I can see why people would make the religious assumption, but I just don't personally see it. Even so, people aren't going to assume an Evangeline is particularly religious, are they? Think of how many non-religious people out there have Biblical names. Do you assume they adhere to Christianity-based spirituality? Probably not.
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    I would definitely assume that Evangeline was a child with devout Christian parents. If I found out that they were not Christian, I would think it was very odd that they picked that name. Its not quite as bad but I would think it similar to seeing a Christian child named Mohammed.

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