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    I wouldn't make the assumption.
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    Not at all! The thought would never cross my mind.

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    It seems like many people seem to think that way when they come on Nameberry! Frankly, it does register that it's a bit religious, but I really don't think of religion at all anymore, Evangeline Lilly's actually my first thought (other than I just love the name), and I really have no idea what her religious views are, I think anyone could wear it, really.
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    I've never associated the name Evangeline with religion before. I can see your point, but I wouldn't worry about it. That would almost be like saying that every single name used in the Bible was off limits for fear of seeming too religious.

    Evangeline is lovely, and has so many sweet nickname opportunities, if you're into nicknames. If you love it, you should use it.

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    I would too

    Quote Originally Posted by raqkel View Post
    I would assume Evangeline was the child of evangelical Christian parents.
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