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    Surname: Watson

    DH: Mark Oscar
    -DW1: Diana Daphne (nee: Jameson)
    ---DD1: Daphne Matilda
    ---DD2: Claire Magnolia
    ---DS: Bennett Archibald
    -DW2: Celine Leigh (nee: Hicks)
    ---DD3: Emilia Eleanor
    ---DD4: Georgina Marie
    ---DD5: Sabrina Juliet

    -DD1: Daphne Matilda (nee: Watson)
    ----DD1: Talia Matilda
    --DH1: Samuel Carter (surname: Morris)
    ----DS1: Jameson Henry
    ----DD2: Jacqueline Margaret
    --DH2: Carl Alexander (surname: Willis)
    ----DS2: Xavier Quinn

    -DD2: Claire Magnolia (nee: Watson)
    --DH1: Robert Davis (surname: Michaels)
    ----DS: Gavin James
    --DH2: Matthew Phillip (surname: Logan)
    -step son: Phillip Matthew
    -step daughter: Margot Alice
    -step daughter: Abigail Maude
    ----DD: Savannah Sadie

    -DS: Bennett Archibald
    --DW1: Julianne Adele (nee: Hendrix)
    Step daughter: Kimberly Melissa
    ----DD1: India Tabitha
    --DW2: Jessica Elizabeth (nee: Smith)
    ----DD2: Elizabeth June

    -DD4: Georgina Marie (nee: Watson)
    --EXH: Daniel Elias (surname: Turner)
    ----DS1: Elias Mark
    ----DS2: Emmett Daniel
    ----DD: Leigh Jolene

    -DD5: Sabrina Juliet (nee: Watson)
    --DH: Darren Andrew (surname: Ayers)

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