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    Bella - it's cute
    Emily - i like it!
    Selena - just makes me think of Selena Gomez
    Maria - I like it too.
    Melanie - don't like. One of my teachers is called this and I never really liked her either.
    Lucy - my fave by far!
    Giselle Lydia Chiara Darcy Lowri Cleo Nova Fleur Noelle Giovanna Mathilde Flora Susannah Maia Jude David Rueben Theo Raphael Arthur Lance Vinny Marcus James Rowan Henry Christopher

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    Maria! Billions of Marias throughout time can't be wrong!
    Baby girl due September 2, 2013!

    Guilty pleasures: Anastasia Isadora/Isidore Nicodemus Persephone Darrow Opaline Aurelia Chloe Mirabel Camelia

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    If you want beautiful and sweet, I'd go with Lucy.
    If you want beautiful and classic, Maria.
    Matilda, Vera, Beatrix, June, Eleanor, Cordelia, Adelaide, Elisabeth, Leona, Daphne, Kathryn

    Edwin, Frederick, Calvin, Arthur, Walter, Rowan, Winston, Desmond, Keith, Robert

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    Quote Originally Posted by emmabobemma View Post
    I love Lucy. No really.
    Oh, you made me laugh! I agree with this. Lucy is the most beautiful. (If it was Selene, that would win, but I don't like Selena.)

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    Melanie. My favorite.
    Trying to find the right name for the third time!

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