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    Rename your family

    Hey everyone, I've looked through a lot of these things and recently decided I wanted to try and decided to try the idea of renaming my family with names I find some connection with, so I hope this is something everyone will find fun. I'll start off,
    please note that I went of first instinct with these, they made sense when popping in my head.
    P.S. original/new names, and I put in 4 generations listed.











    Hope you have fun with this, and can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!
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    DH: Desmond Paul Bean, Sr.
    DW: Laura Elisabeth Bean (Purcell).
    - DD: Alondra Cate Bean.
    - DD: Nyla Isabelle Bean.
    - DD: Cadence Mary Bean.
    - DS*: Desmond Paul Bean, Jr.

    DH: Emerson Michael Preston.
    DW: Christina Rosemarie Preston (Martens).
    - DD*: Bianca Lei Preston.

    DH (DS*): Desmond Paul Bean, Jr.
    Ex-DW: Phoebe Ann Calzone.
    - DS: Messiah Jonathan Bean.
    - DS: Marshall Patrick Bean.
    DW (DD*): Bianca Lei Bean (Preston).
    - DD**: Allyson Rose Bean.

    DH: Frank Alexander Watson.
    DW: Carly Katherine Watson (MacFadyen).
    - DS: Brendan James Watson.
    - DS: Emanuel Vince Watson.
    - DS**: Leon Benjamin Watson.
    - DD: Nadia Catherine Watson.

    DW (DD**): Allyson Rose Bean.
    Ex-DH (DS**): Leon Benjamin Watson.
    - DD (me): Adelaide Marie Watson.
    DH: Dawson Thomas Bean (Keogh).
    - DD: Heaven Aleah Bean.

    Ex-DH (DS**): Leon Benjamin Watson.
    DW: Kyla Watson (Fichtner).
    - DS: Braden Vincent Watson.

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    Top Favorite: Elsie Gene & Conner Eugene
    Girls: Nala Hope, Adelynn Evie, Sophie Graciela, Marley Rose, Lux Isabeau, Alva Poppy, August Lilly
    Boys: Conner Atticus, Henry Scott, Liam Thomas, Jesse Milo, Jack Matthew, Max Nicolas, Colten Angel

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    DH: Alfred Boris Wakely Jr. "Freddie"
    DW: Ruby Jane Wakely

    DS1 (84): Alfred Boris Wakely III "Alfie"
    DS2 (81): Patrick Jasper Wakely


    DS1 (84): Alfred Boris Wakely III "Alfie"
    DW (82): June Amabel Wakely
    - DD1 (58): Thea Margo Wakely
    - DD2 (49): Esme Raina Wakely

    DS2 (81): Patrick Jasper Wakely
    DW (80): Philippa Alice Wakely "Pippa"
    - DS1 (55): Jack Oliver Wakely
    - DS2 (53): Patrick Jasper Wakely Jr.
    - DD1 (49): Clara Amelia Wakely
    - DS3 (47): Jensen Lucas Wakely


    DD1 (58): Thea Margo Orson
    DH (59): Flynn Timothy Orson
    - DD1 (33): Katherine Bryony Orson "Kate"
    -- DH (34): Charles Marcus Whittaker "Charlie"
    --- DD1 (3): Vada Emmeline Whittaker
    - DD2 (30): Harriet Eloise Stone "Hattie" (me)
    -- DH (32): Sebastian Miles Stone
    --- DS1 (6): Lachlan Malcolm Stone
    --- DS2 (4): Calum Windsor Stone
    --- DD1 (1): Saskia Blythe Stone "Sissy"
    --- DS or DD (exp): Rigby Tobias Stone or Flora Clementine Stone

    DD2 (49): Esme Raina Murray
    DH (68): Jameson Rex Murray "Jamie"
    - DD1 (22): Eleanor Maisie Murray "Nora"
    - DD2 (21): Adelaide Zara Murray "Adele"
    - DS1 (17): Harrison Alfred Murray "Harry"

    DS1 (55): Jack Oliver Wakely
    DW (52): Stella Antoinette Wakely
    - DD1 (23): Matilda Georgia Wakely

    DS2 (53): Patrick Jasper Wakely Jr.
    DW (52): Daisy Florence Wakely
    - DS1 (23): Jules Patrick Wakely
    - DD1 (21): Evie Marion Wakely

    DD1 (49): Clara Amelia Knoles
    DH (49): Kieran Arthur Knoles
    - DD1 (24): Tess Juniper Knoles

    DS3 (47): Jensen Lucas Wakely


    Freddie and Ruby's children:
    Alfie and Patrick

    Freddie and Ruby's grandchildren:
    Thea, Jack, Patrick, Esme, Clara and Jensen

    Freddie and Ruby's great-grandchildren:
    Kate, Hattie, Tess, Matilda, Jules, Nora, Adele, Evie and Harry

    Freddie and Ruby's great-great-grandchildren:
    Lachlan, Calum, Vada, Sissy and Rigby/Flora

    I don't know everyone's exact age or middle name so I made up a few, and I was basing this off of a family tree print-out I was given many years ago, so some of the people on this may have more children now than I am aware of. But I gave it by best shot and really enjoyed it!
    Sylvie Beatrice • Poppy Colette • Imogen Greta • Freya Catherine • Reva Hermione
    Louie Matthias • Clement Wright • Malcolm Hugh • Arthur Stone • Holt Alastair

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